Gabe’s Books for Peru

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than highlighting some of the wonderful events we’ve had this year. Here, Gabriele raised 355 books that his family will ship to Peru. Normally, Milk + Bookies will help you find a local organization in your home town in need of books, but Gabe’s dedication to the children in the CHOC Hospital in Borja, Peru was his only choice. He was so inspired by his experience helping others that he has started his own non-profit, Mission:Hero. We are thrilled to have helped get him on his way!

Gabe’s mom says,
“As a mom of two young impressionable boys, I am constantly looking for fun ways to engage them in learning valuable life lessons during the most important developmental years of their lives. Finding Milk + Bookies was beyond a nice birthday solution for Gabriele…it was the perfect opportunity to take his love of books and desire to share to the highest level. To boot…he now tells other kids that “kids can make a difference too. You don’t have to have tons of money or be a grown up….you just have to decide to do something good & Go For It.”

by meredith

Norah’s 5th Birthday

This is a wonderful story about one family’s experience hosting a Milk + Bookies party, Please check it out:

We loved what the birthday girl’s mother wrote:

I have to confess something, though. I was trying to really make Norah understand why it was so important to give these books to children in need, and frustrated that she seemed so focused on what she was getting. And yet I hadn’t been setting the best example for her this past week. I didn’t ask for her involvement in the party planning. I didn’t approach the event calmly and happily. I ran around like a maniac to Michael’s and Home Depot and Kinko’s trying to recreate every adorable book-themed decorating project I found on Pinterest. I yelled and stressed and got caught up in the silly need to impress with “my perfect party theme,” completely losing sight of the fact that this day was about Norah.
So I guess it was a “teachable moment” for us both. For me, it was a reminder that things don’t need to be perfect, and that this drive to impress everyone with how I can do it all is silly and unrealistic. And for Norah, it was a chance to learn about children in her own community who are less fortunate, and whose days might be brightened with new stories to read.

Norah raised 16 books that will go to her local children’s hospital.

by meredith

Eight Crazy Nights

As we are coming up fast to the holidays, we wanted to share some ideas to make it more meaningful and less stressful for your family.

Some of our supporters celebrate Chanukah, some, Christmas and some, both.

Whatever your family does, it can get out of hand and lose it’s meaning altogether, especially with children in the mix. One family we know always makes sure to add one Chanukah night all about giving and not getting. This is where Milk + Bookies comes in:

1. Pick a night and dedicate it to giving.
2. Invite your family and friends through
3. Purchase your Bookies Box on our SHOP page.
4. Order cookies at
5. Get some frozen potato pancakes at Trader Joe’s (or anywhere).

Of course those are just our suggestions. The only thing we REALLY hope you do is participate in some kind of giving experience.


by meredith

Holiday madness handled

Black Friday, Cyber Monday – what about just a regular non-titled day to do some holiday shopping?
Right here at your computer, no less?

With the beautiful and yummy Isabella’s Cookie Company Holiday Box, you can:
1.) give your family/ friends/ work associates a super delicious gift
2.) Help support Milk + Bookies (since a portion of all proceeds benefit this non-profit)
3.) be done with this shopping frenzy

Each box consists of 4 bags of cookies for only $30.
click on the top cookie bar under ORDERS and then the last line “click here to order”

We thank you, your wallet thanks you and your recipients will SURELY thank you.

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OH! Olivia!

What a girl! 7 year old, Olivia, from Franklin, Tennessee had quite a successful Milk + Bookies Birthday Party!!! Here is what she had to say, post-party, while she sorted books:

“Just think, Mommy, over 200 kids will gets books that may not have any books. That’s awesome!”

And her mother, Traci, added:

“As a family, we have started using our birthdays as a time to give to others. My girls get to choose the organization each year and this year Olivia chose Milk + Bookies. She has a passion for reading and books and this was the perfect fit for her. Her friends were very generous with the donations and she was able to collect over 200 books. She is very excited to share her love of reading with other children who may not have access to books. Thank you Meredith Alexander and everyone at Milk + Bookies for being so helpful with Olivia’s efforts to share books with our community.”

All donated books went to the Mercy Children’s Clinic.

We have nothing further to add, your honor.

Well, actually, we DO have something to add:
This just in:
Olivia’s book count has MORE THAN DOUBLED and is now at 450 !!! She is unstoppable and we couldn’t be more proud.

by meredith


WOW!!!!! Look at us! We are in the new issue of TOWN & COUNTRY magazine for their holiday gift guide!

What an absolute honor it is to be on the same page as UNICEF, FEED, HEIFER and GLOBAL FUND FOR AIDS, to name a few incredible non-profit for whom they suggest making donation purchases.

Then there is SWEET PETE, #1, and right at the top of the page.

We are so excited and couldn’t wait to share the news. Happy shopping, please consider us or one of these other very worthy organizations at the holidays.
Thank you!

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Our favorite mothers at THE MOTHER COMPANY, striving to teach healthy social and emotional understanding in young kids, have just put out their very own BOOKS!!!!!

We are so excited to participate in the launch of these “must haves” at BOTH the NYC and LA launch parties. Both of these parties will be held at SCRIBBLE PRESS, another favorite of ours.

Please join us BUT if you are unable, be sure to log on to to order your books today.

P.S. Isabella’s Cookies will be at the LA event, another yummy reason to come join us ;)

by meredith


We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of the OFFICIAL Milk + Bookies CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE from the amazingly delicious ISABELLA’S COOKIE COMPANY.

Available now online at and in stores soon.

Now you can have the world’s best chocolate chip cookies AND support our Milk + Bookies non-profit program, exposing kids to how great giving feels while getting books to those without any.


by meredith


This weekend at the amazing Pasadena retailer/ craft studio and party place, LITTLE JUNEBUGS, Milk + Bookies is super excited to be a part of the STORY PIRATES adaptation of John Grisham’s first YA book, “THEO BOONE, KID LAWYER“.

If you are in the Pasadena area, please join us for an incredible and free interactive performance, cookies from ISABELLA’S COOKIE COMPANY and a chance to donate books to local children in need.

1:00 pm on Sunday November 6th

A wonderful way to celebrate family, entertainment, cookies and books!!!!
Hope to see you there, please rsvp to

by meredith


We are so excited to report about a rather unusual and incredible Milk + Bookies event.

A high school student in LA is hosting a concert in her back yard this weekend. The entrance fee is a TWILIGHT book for the very worthy recipients at BOOK ROOTS, a new non-profit that starts teen book clubs in group homes. The TWILIGHT series is obviously a popular title and a great gateway book for teens to get excited about reading.

Oh, and did we mention that this particular high school student is the daughter of a GUNS N ROSES member? That is going to be one amazing back yard jam.

Check out the BOOK ROOTS wish list.

See? We told you that M+B can mold to any kind of party!

by meredith