Our friends “down under” at LMNOP magazine featured a wonderful story about Milk + Bookies in their children’s book edition. Check out this gorgeous online magazine that stands for LAUGH MAKE NURTURE ORGANIZE PLAY – what more do we need?


by meredith

Ocala Florida ROCKS!

A very hearty congratulations to the 4th graders of Dr. N.H. Jones Elementary School in Ocala, Florida. Their teacher, Kim Farinas, lead them through a stunning experience where they collected 1,971 books!!! This is a record breaking school event for Milk + Bookies and was easily added to their school’s Scholastic Book Fair with the help of our M+B coordinator.

The donations will service organizations in their town including; a homeless shelter, the Salvation Army, a children’s hospital and a local public elementary school in need.

We are deeply inspired by this event and hope that you are, too. The 4th graders worked together and became so excited about helping their neighbors. They really got switched on how great it feels to give!

We are so proud of them all!

by meredith

Join the Fite

Microfinance is such an incredible concept and an easy way to make a BIG difference. We are thrilled to see Join Fite working specifically for women across the globe. FITE is Financial Independence Through Entreprenuership.

Join the Milk + Bookies team and start lending today at JoinFite.org

by meredith