Last week, 10 year old Simon, hosted his own Milk + Bookies book store event.

He contacted the store (Children’s Book World), set a date and used to invite all his friends and their families.

He got cookies donated through Isabella’s Cookie Company – YUM, and brought napkins and water.

Made a sign explaining the steps for donating and VOILA!

Simon had a wonderful party over the course of 2 hours on a weekday afternoon. He read a couple of stories to the smaller kids. He had approx 40 kids come through the store and they walked away wearing an I DONATED sticker and feeling pretty great about making a difference!

It was this easy and he came away with 79 books raised for local kids serviced though organizations including Operation School Bell, Westside Children’s Center and Edelman Children’s Court.

Great way to spend some family time.

by meredith


So we named our company Milk + Bookies because it makes us think of cookies, something we love almost as much as BOOKS and GIVING. That cry was heard when Catherine McCord, the lovely mom, chef and all around super gal, was kind enough to create a yummified recipe just for us; a Raisin Oatmeal Cookie inspired by the wonderful children’s book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”.

And, as much as we appreciate the sweet stuff, her “growing foods” are also amazing!

check them all out here.

by meredith


You are on this website, so you know how awesome the branding and design is. Did you know that the people behind it are the company called ALSO DESIGN? Our Milk + Bookies HQ is in Los Angeles and Also Design is in Chicago and we have never even met!!! They are so incredible, have been working with us for the past few years and have just blown us out of the water with the animated movie they made for us (which you can see on this homepage).

Just had to share our love for them with you all.

by meredith

Michael’s Music

So by now you have seen our gorgeous new animated movie on the homepage here at We are so proud of this piece. We hope you like it.

We feel incredibly lucky and grateful to our friend and supporter, Michael Giacchino, for creating this inspiring and “UP”lifting score. Michael won an Oscar for his soundtrack of Pixar’s “UP”. How great is that??? We think he should get another one for his work on our 2 minute movie ;)

Thank you, Michael for sharing your genius with us!

by meredith

Father/ Daughter

What’s cuter than this picture of birthday girl, Stella, with her dad? They celebrated Stella’s 6th birthday with a rollerskating party last month. The Maine residents collected 77 books for their local organization in need.

We love the father/ daughter roller disco dance – and while sporting their Milk + Bookies t-shirts!!!

by meredith

Morris Lessmore

We here at M+B HQ are always talking about the magic of a great story – the adventure it can send you on and the power of transprtation it has over us.
This new ipad app by one of our favorite authors, WILLIAM JOYCE, is all of that AND MORE!

We know that we can’t fight the tech infiltration of bedtime stories much longer, so here is a fabulous way to embrace the ipad and it’s expectation exceeding version of a “book”.

by meredith