Holiday madness handled

Black Friday, Cyber Monday – what about just a regular non-titled day to do some holiday shopping?
Right here at your computer, no less?

With the beautiful and yummy Isabella’s Cookie Company Holiday Box, you can:
1.) give your family/ friends/ work associates a super delicious gift
2.) Help support Milk + Bookies (since a portion of all proceeds benefit this non-profit)
3.) be done with this shopping frenzy

Each box consists of 4 bags of cookies for only $30.
click on the top cookie bar under ORDERS and then the last line “click here to order”

We thank you, your wallet thanks you and your recipients will SURELY thank you.

by meredith

OH! Olivia!

What a girl! 7 year old, Olivia, from Franklin, Tennessee had quite a successful Milk + Bookies Birthday Party!!! Here is what she had to say, post-party, while she sorted books:

“Just think, Mommy, over 200 kids will gets books that may not have any books. That’s awesome!”

And her mother, Traci, added:

“As a family, we have started using our birthdays as a time to give to others. My girls get to choose the organization each year and this year Olivia chose Milk + Bookies. She has a passion for reading and books and this was the perfect fit for her. Her friends were very generous with the donations and she was able to collect over 200 books. She is very excited to share her love of reading with other children who may not have access to books. Thank you Meredith Alexander and everyone at Milk + Bookies for being so helpful with Olivia’s efforts to share books with our community.”

All donated books went to the Mercy Children’s Clinic.

We have nothing further to add, your honor.

Well, actually, we DO have something to add:
This just in:
Olivia’s book count has MORE THAN DOUBLED and is now at 450 !!! She is unstoppable and we couldn’t be more proud.

by meredith


WOW!!!!! Look at us! We are in the new issue of TOWN & COUNTRY magazine for their holiday gift guide!

What an absolute honor it is to be on the same page as UNICEF, FEED, HEIFER and GLOBAL FUND FOR AIDS, to name a few incredible non-profit for whom they suggest making donation purchases.

Then there is SWEET PETE, #1, and right at the top of the page.

We are so excited and couldn’t wait to share the news. Happy shopping, please consider us or one of these other very worthy organizations at the holidays.
Thank you!

by meredith


Our favorite mothers at THE MOTHER COMPANY, striving to teach healthy social and emotional understanding in young kids, have just put out their very own BOOKS!!!!!

We are so excited to participate in the launch of these “must haves” at BOTH the NYC and LA launch parties. Both of these parties will be held at SCRIBBLE PRESS, another favorite of ours.

Please join us BUT if you are unable, be sure to log on to to order your books today.

P.S. Isabella’s Cookies will be at the LA event, another yummy reason to come join us ;)

by meredith


We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of the OFFICIAL Milk + Bookies CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE from the amazingly delicious ISABELLA’S COOKIE COMPANY.

Available now online at and in stores soon.

Now you can have the world’s best chocolate chip cookies AND support our Milk + Bookies non-profit program, exposing kids to how great giving feels while getting books to those without any.


by meredith