Meet our friends: BIG Kids Magazine!

BIG Kids Blog

Giving is a world-wide phenomenon! Our friends at BIG Kids Magazine in Australia recently launched their 4th issue, and Milk + Bookies was lucky enough to be a part of it!
BIG Kids Magazine is a publication that features children’s art right along with professional artists’ pieces, in an effort to empower children in the value of their creations, ideas, and power to impact the world. On top of all that, they also believe in the power of giving! They added a Milk + Bookies donation element to the recent launch party celebrating their 4th issue, which resulted in about 100 copies of the latest BIG Kid Magazine being donated to Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth, Western Australia!
Head over to the BIG Kids Magazine website for more information on their latest publication, “Into the Dark”, and the work they’re doing for the worldwide community of readers, artists, and givers!

Visit them here.

*Check out Luca (the senior editor of BIG Kids), rocking his ‘I Donated’ sticker!

by Brittany Chow

Mom’s Night Out This Friday!

Scary Mommy Event

Hey West side moms! If you’re free this Friday night, join Club MomMe in Brentwood for the West coast launch of the book Motherhood Comes Naturally and Other Vicious Lies. It’ll be tons of fun, featuring authors, a mom panel, food and wine, a photo booth and more! And don’t forget to bring your book to donate ;) Sign up at clubmomme.com today!

by Brittany Chow

Moomah Magazine: “Kids & Charity” Article


Hey M+B fans! If you haven’t checked out this awesome post on Moomah.com about Kids & Charity, check it out HERE! It’s full of creative, effective ways to help your kids learn the joy of giving to others (including hosting a Milk+Bookies book-raiser!).

by Brittany Chow

Volunteer Spotlight on Alex!


Today we just wanted to take the time to recognize one of our OUTSTANDING volunteers, Alex! Alex heard about Milk+Bookies from a friend, and has been a supporter of our cause ever since. We stopped her this past Saturday after she volunteered at our Read, Give, Grow Celebration to ask her a couple of questions.

M+B: Why did you choose to get involved with Milk+Bookies?

Alex: I’ve volunteered for other organizations, but none of them are this fun to work with, or as involved with kids. Getting the kids involved with giving – that’s incredible.

M+B: Why do you believe in Milk+Bookies’ cause?

Alex: I personally believe in today’s cause, donating to foster homes, because my sister was in a foster home, so I think that’s a great cause. In general, reading is so crucial to everything in life. We need to do whatever we can to have kids be reading; it’s so important!

Thanks to Alex along with all of our other amazing volunteers, past and present! We couldn’t do what we do without you. For more information on how to get involved and volunteer with Milk+Bookies, check out our Opportunities Page.

by meredith