Intern Spotlight: Tori


As our summer internship program winds down, we sat down with Social Media Intern, Tori Stark, to ask her a few questions about her experiences working at Milk+Bookies.


Although we’re sad to see her go, we are excited to spotlight her awesome work at M+B this summer in this week’s intern spotlight!


Name: Victoria
School: Azusa Pacific University
Position: Social Media Intern
Time with Milk+Bookies: May-Sep 2013


Why were you looking for an internship this summer?
I needed 3 units of course credit at an internship relevant to my major, Communication. On a personal level, I wanted to participate in an internship to expose myself to the inner workings of a non-profit, and get experience outside of the classroom- I felt stuck in a rut after three years of classes. Overall, my summer goal was to intern somewhere that would allow me to refine my Communication skills, and develop new organizational and professional abilities.


What drew you to M+B?
I immediately identified with M+B’s mission to bring books to kids. I have been an insatiable reader my whole life- reading under the covers after bedtime, walking and reading at the same time, finishing entire books in a few hours- and can easily see how constant access to new books has affected my vocabulary, ability to empathize, and creativity in my adult years. To expose a child who is living in less than ideal conditions to characters, stories, and worlds outside of themselves is a beautiful thing.


What was your greatest experience with M+B? Most challenging?
The small staff size at M+B means that every team member is given a lot of responsibility and agency. This was simultaneously my favorite part, and the most challenging part of my internship! It was intimidating knowing that there was high expectations, but my internship sure beat all my friends’, who spent all summer making copies and doing coffee runs.


Another element that was challenging and rewarding all at once was visiting recipient sites like Edelman’s Children’s Court and St. Anne’s. Seeing the final result of the work M+B does and the happiness of the children getting the books is both gratifying and sobering.


All Milk+Bookies interns get a chance to develop a special intern project. What was your special project?
My special project was Flash Giving, which mimics the concept of a Flash Mob by bringing books to a random location and inviting passerby to inscribe a book. Having a special project really helps you develop leadership and management skills, and puts you in a creative position that you probably wouldn’t get out of another internship. You get to take your exisiting passions and skills and turn it into a real-world impact.


What was the most surprising statistic or fact you learned about service learning or literacy while working for M+B?
The idea that in middle-income neighborhoods the ratio of age-appropriate books per child is 13 books for every 1 child, but in low-income neighborhoods the ratio is 1 book to 300 children. Growing up, I didn’t think twice about having access to a steady stream of new reading material. So for me, the visual of 300 children around 1 book is particularly striking.


What is your biggest piece of advice for future interns?
Keep an open mind regarding your “official” position in the office- you will be asked to do a little bit of everything at some point, and the exposure to each element of running a non-profit is awesome! Also, you will never have such free-flowing access to chocolate chip cookies again in your life. Take advantage of it.

Thanks Tori for all of your hard work this summer!

Spots are now open for our Fall Internship Program. Check out our opportunities page HERE.

by Caitlyn Young

A Very Special Thank You

We can’t help but share this awesome video we received this week from an officer in the U.S. Armed Forces who recently received a Milk+Bookies donation of brand new children’s books.

Check out the video here:

This year alone, Milk+Bookies book-raisers have resulted in hundreds of new books being donated to military families nationwide.

Deployed service members often use books to help comfort their children when separated, and many are able to preserve the bonding tradition of story time by reading to their families via webcam.  Anyone can raise books to benefit local military families!

Find out more information about hosting your own HERE and join us in showing appreciation to both members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their brave families members.

by Caitlyn Young

Spotlight On: Isabella!


Isabella recently hosted a Milk+Bookies book-raiser and gathered 50 books! This week alone, Milk + Bookies events around the country have raised over 380 books, all thanks to this AMAZING young generation of givers! Get your state on our map of success by hosting your own book-raiser!

by Brittany Chow


Milk & Bookies 2

Westside Children’s Center in Los Angeles is just one of the dozens of worthy organizations that have received books from a Milk+Bookies Book-raiser. Club MomMe’s “Mom’s Night Out!” event in June raised 28 new children’s books for the nonprofit. WCC provides at-risk children and their families with services like early education programs, parenting classes, counseling, and much, much more!

Here is what WCC had to say:

Westside Children’s Center is so grateful for this generous donation of new books for children in our high-quality early education programs… Each day, WCC’s high-quality early education programs serve over 350 at-risk children (0-5) from very-low-income families in southwest Los Angeles County. Through a range of activities, including reading, art, science, math, dramatic play, circle time, creative movement, music, and outside play, our young children develop the social-emotional, cognitive and physical skills they will need to succeed in school and in life, such as curiosity, confidence, optimism, self-control, resilience, and perseverance.

Have you hosted a M+B Book-raiser recently? Which organization received your books?


Written By: Jenna Perelman

by Brittany Chow

Online Book-Raiser

We’re excited to announce an exciting online book fair partnership between Milk+Bookies and Usborne Books happening this Thursday, August 15th through August 17th.


Join us for a M+B book-raiser from the comfort of your own home!


On August 15th, starting at 10 AM, come browse amongst your favorite Usborne titles and stock up on new books for your home library- 20% of all purchases benefit our program.

We will also be giving away awesome M+B gear and free Usborne books! Mark your calendars for our first ever ONLINE BOOK-RAISER!

RSVP for the event here:

Can’t make the dates for the book fair? Use this link when shopping for books and we’ll still receive portions of your purchase :

Can’t wait to see you there!

by meredith

Join the Milk + Bookies team!


At Milk + Bookies, we believe giving back is an important part of life at any age. Our internship program allows high school and college students the opportunity to be part of the difference Milk + Bookies is making and get real-world professional experience at the same time.

Because of our small staff size, Milk + Bookies interns are imperative for our day-to-day workings. Interns’ creativity, enthusiasm, and hard work ethic are valued, and our interns may find they are given much more responsibility and agency than many other programs.

We are currently looking for people passionate about giving and improving other’s lives to fill Program Officer positions for Fall 2013 (book lovers encouraged to apply!). As a Program Officer, you will be involved with daily tasks at the Milk + Bookies office in Santa Monica, and be in charge of your own “special project.” The internship program looks different depending on your personal interests, strengths, and Milk + Bookies’ needs- but every intern gets to be part of the Milk + Bookies movement that is bringing books to thousands of children in need nationwide, and instilling a love of giving in countless others.

For more information on the Milk + Bookies internship program and how to apply, visit

by Brittany Chow

Flash Giving!


Milk + Bookies is excited to announce the kickoff of a new initiative, Flash Giving! We believe that giving should be an accessible part of every child’s life, so we’ve created Flash Giving as an easy, fun, and FREE way to introduce kids to the power of philanthropy.

So how will it work?
Every first weekend of the month, we’ll be heading out with books, a donation bin, (and of course, cookies!) to a different secret location around Santa Monica. Our goal is to make giving back fun and easy, so we’re bringing the party to you! Throughout the first week of the month, we’ll be announcing Flash Giving’s secret location and time on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. All you have to do is watch for our location announcement, show up, choose a book, and inscribe it with your favorite thoughts on reading and giving. We’ll take it from there and make sure the book reaches the hands of a child in need.

We are so excited- the first ever Flash Giving is HERE! Here’s all the info you need:
Date: Saturday, August 3rd
Time: 10-12 AM
Where: Dorothy Green Park in Santa Monica (at the end of Ocean Park Blvd, near Perry’s Cafe)

Remember, all you need to do is show up for this great day of giving (and cookies!). Can’t wait to see you there!

by Brittany Chow