Empowering ANYONE to Host a Book-Raiser

With each donation made to Milk+Bookies, our program is able to bring book-raisers to budget-strapped educational institutions and charitable organizations free of charge.

Last week, Milk + Bookies had the opportunity to do a pro-bono book-raiser with Rosemary Children’s Services in Pasadena, California. Rosemary Children’s Services houses and supports young girls from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services,  and the LA County Probation Department.

Milk+Bookies met with a small group of teenagers during a philanthropy centered class to discuss the work that Milk + Bookies does, and provided the girls with books and bookplates and they did the rest!  Once we told the class that the books would be going to Operation School Bell, and to elementary school children who had never owned a book before, each girl was determined to inscribe every book with a personal message to brighten some lives.  See some of the pictures from our fun day at Rosemary Children’s Services, and try not to let your heart burst when you read some of the incredibly heartfelt messages these girl wrote!

rosemary2 Rosemary 3

To help us bring the Milk+Bookies program to more schools and charitable organizations, please consider DONATING today!

by Brittany Chow

Spotlight On: Natalie & Andrew


Natalie and Andrew’s favorite part of hosting a Milk+Bookies book-raiser was delivering their donations to the local Children’s Hospital. Host your own today and tell us about YOUR favorite part of hosting a book-raiser!

by Caitlyn Young

Our YouTube Page just got a WHOLE lot cuter!

At Milk+Bookies, we are committed to the idea that everyone, no matter their age or experience, can make a huge difference in the world. This concept is essential to what we do, and is incorporated into our internship program in a very real and tangible way: once accepted into our program, interns are given the opportunity to conceptualize their own ‘M+B Special Project’ based on their own passions, talents, and strengths.

We are proud to showcase one of these special projects in this week’s blog!

One of our incredibly talented summer interns, Shelby, handmade the following stop motion videos for her own special project.  The adorable videos are now LIVE on our Youtube page, and have been receiving some incredible positive feedback.


Check them out for yourself below!


The first features the recipe for the perfect Milk+Bookies party:

The other highlights a very special little girl who makes a big difference in her community by hosting her own M+B birthday party:

Are you considering hosting a M+B Bookraiser? These videos would be a perfect for explaining the Milk+Bookies program to kids interested in hosting, or guests not familiar with our program, in a simple and fun way!


Let us know what YOU think  about our newest videos. Way to go Shelby for creating such adorable additions to our Youtube Channel!

by Caitlyn Young

Spotlight on: Ms. Johnson’s Class Party



It’s back to school season! What better way to celebrate a new school year than by introducing students to the benefits of service learning WHILE enjoying some yummy cookies? This week’s spotlight highlights Ms. Johnson’s class of 5-6 year olds who raised 19 books for their community!

Milk+Bookies provides teachers like Ms. Johnson, administrators, librarians, and parents a FREE and EASY way to introduce service learning into classrooms. Here are some interesting facts about the benefits of introducing students to philanthropy according to the National Service Learning Clearinghouse:

Students who participated in service learning scored higher in Social studies, Writing, English, AND Language arts

-Were more cognitively engaged and motivated to learn

-Showed increase in cognitive complexity and problem solving

-And demonstrated increased acceptance of diversity and increased development of ethics, caring, altruism, and other social emotional learning

By hosting a Milk+Bookies book-raiser in your school, you will be benefitting your community in two ways: by increasing access to books for children in your very own zip code AND introducing your students to the aforementioned benefits of service learning.

You too can join the Milk+Bookies movement and host your own class project. In the words of one of Ms. Johnson’s students, “It’s fun to give with my friends!” Visit our ‘Host Your Own‘ page  to learn how to order our PRO-BONO Bookies Box for educational institutions!

by Caitlyn Young