November Flash Giving

Even though October has passed in the blink of an eye, the Milk+Bookies team is excited to welcome the start of November with our monthly Flash Giving! This is a great chance to take a break from the Halloween candy and have a yummy cookie instead!

We love this monthly event, as it is a great way to give back to our community and teach children the joy of giving.

This month all our donations will be going to the UCLA Tiverton House. This hotel serves the families and patients at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. They allow for families to stay close together during hospital stays, when otherwise it would be a financial burden, and also provide comfort during these difficult times.

So, for the first Saturday of November please join us in this act of giving by coming down to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. You can stop by with your family and participate in the Milk+Bookies movement by simply choosing a book to inscribe. Drop it in the donation bin, grab a cookie, and we will handle the rest! We want to make giving easy and accessible to everyone, so we can spread the love of reading to children in need. This event is fun and completely FREE (plus you can have some delicious cookies)!

It will be a great day of giving you won’t want to miss!

NOV Flash Giving

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Spotlight on: Miss V!

Here at Milk+Bookies, we believe in providing books for underprivileged children while inspiring a generation of future philanthropists.  What better way to instill the joy of service learning in kids than with milk and cookies – or Milk+Bookies?

Yesterday, Milk+Bookies had the opportunity to do a book-raiser with LA based photographer and blogger, Bonnie Tsang and her lovely daughter, Miss V. at Handsome Coffee Roasters in downtown Los Angeles.  Bonnie and Miss V. are passionate about helping others and wanted to give back to their local community – and they most certainly did!  Yesterday Bonnie, Miss V, and their friends raised 128 books to donate to Inner City Arts.


It was wonderful to see all of the children so engaged in this service learning opportunity.  Some children at the event explained that passing their favorite books on to children who don’t have any bedtime stories made their hearts feel good, and all children expressed their love of reading and giving in heartfelt inscriptions to the book recipients.  Many thanks to Bonnie Tsang and Miss V, Handsome Coffee Roasters, and Isabella’s Cookies for making this event so special!


See some of the pictures from our day of fun at Handsome Coffee Roasters, and if you are feeling inspired, Host your own book-raiser and tell us all about it!

photo 4

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Where do the books go?

By far one of the most frequently asked questions by interested M+B hosts is “Where do the books go?”

A local low income clinic? Head Start school? Homeless shelter?

The answer is very simple – Whichever local organization YOU want them to!

Part of what makes the Milk+Bookies experience special is that YOU the host, the family, or the group, get to select an organization close to your heart right in your own zip code!

If you don’t happen to have a local organization in mind as you’re planning your own book-raiser, we’re here to help! We have an extensive nationwide database of organizations that service underserved children, just tell us your zip code and the Milk+Bookies staff will send you a list of worthwhile recipient groups in your community.

Here is a wonderful thank-you testimony from one of our hundreds of Milk+Bookies recipient groups-

You too can have a positive impact on organizations like Westside Family Health Center! Host your own book-raiser today!

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Intern Spotlight: Jenna


We love our interns, we really REALLY do.

Each new intern season, we are amazed by how much compassion and hardwork every member of our intern team puts into their roles at Milk+Bookies.

Today we wanted to spotlight one of our wonderful summer interns, Jenna.

Jenna’s love for children and literacy has been apparent in everything she’s done for Milk+Bookies. Plus, her uncanny ability to spot a grammatical error in 3 seconds flat and organize a mind-blowing master database makes her definitely deserving of this week’s Intern Spotlight.

Name: Jenna
School: Scripps College
Position: Program Officer
Time with Milk+Bookies: May 2013-September 2013

Why were you looking for an internship?
After graduation I hope to work with nonprofits full-time so I was looking for a way to enter the field during the summer.

What drew you to M+B?
Access to books is something that can easily be taken for granted for those privileged enough have them. But for so many kids across the country, books are a rare treat. A good book can send a kid to a new world, to somewhere they’ve never imagined. Every child deserves that. Milk+Bookies helps.

What was your greatest experience with M+B? Most challenging?
Earlier this summer, the entire office took a field trip to a local company’s  marketing office to discuss effective ways to pursue potential partnerships with like-minded companies. My Mad Men obsession aside, I had never been on the other side of marketing. I hungrily absorbed every poster and every slogan plastered on their collaboration walls before we settled into our own meeting room. After an hour of creative talk, I was excited to start this next project and grateful to M+B for allowing me to see another side of business.

The most challenging part of my internship was the large-scale outreach project I completed mid-summer. The project involved a lot of research and data-mining. But, opening responses from people excited to learn more about Milk+Bookies was so rewarding.

What was your Special project? What makes getting the chance to do a special project at M+B different than other internships?
For my special project, I followed up on all the organizations who have received Milk+Bookies donations. I compiled a master list of all recipient groups, coordinated an outreach plan, and then created a master database to track the testimonials and feedback from over 112 organizations.

Having a special project was different than other internships because it produced something tangible. I can point to the work I did at Milk+Bookies with pride.

What was the most surprising statistic/fact you learned about service learning or literacy?
I was most surprised to learn that there are 13 age-appropriate books for every child in a home above the poverty line but there is only one book for every 300 children in homes below the poverty line. Growing up, I was fortunate to have more books than I could keep track of. I was really surprised to learn that the disparity of books is that large.

What is your biggest piece of advice for future interns?
Say yes! Say yes to helping out at events, say yes to attending meetings, say yes to projects offered to you. You can only take advantage of all that Milk+Bookies has to offer if you agree to venture outside of the comfort of “no.”

Interested in joining our Intern Team? Check out our opportunities page!

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We loved our PUNCHBOWL invites so much that we got another one for you to choose from. Find the link here!

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FREE Milk + Bookies invites at PUNCHBOWL



Now hosting your own Milk + Bookies “book-raiser” couldn’t be simpler. Our friends at PUNCHBOWL have made these adorable FREE invites for you to mail to your guests. Find the link here!

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