We are proud to present Katherine Eskovitz of little BLUEPRINT as our Author Champion of the week! The Milk+Bookies mission is to join together a community of parents, authors, and community leaders to promote literacy and service learning among youth. We are glad to have little BLUEPRINT join us in the mission to increase access to books for the underserved youth.


little BLUEPRINT is a company that combines scientific research and the experience of moms everywhere to produce children’s books that empower kids to develop their own plan for life events. The founder of little BLUEPRINT, Katherine Eskovitz, initially got the idea for these “Have a Plan Books” as she helped navigate her children through their own milestone events. Eskovitz found the current children’s book market lacking in stories that were helpful guides for real life situations. She began making personalized books for her children and, after three years of research and collaboration with experts, little BLUEPRINT was born!

little BLUEPRINT has an Advisory Board of experts and Book Architects to create books that empower children, helping them develop a meaningful plan, as they face new or challenging situations.  Not only does little BLUEPRINT offer ready-made books to purchase for your child, you can also create customizable books to personalize their plan.


Why does little BLUEPRINT believe it is important to create Have a Plan Books for children?

Our approach is based on scientific research and the experience of thousands of moms. At little BLUEPRINT, we believe that instead of giving children plans to help them today, we can teach children to be a part of creating their own plans to help themselves for a lifetime, one small step at a time.  Have a Plan Books empower children through autobiographical storytelling, which connects the left and right sides of the brain, giving children the skills they need to use their reasoning and emotions to thrive through anything they encounter in life.

We teach children to L.E.A.D.: use Logic and Emotions to Analyze and Decide. By deconstructing the process of developing plans into these four steps, children are integrating the key systems of their brain and strengthening their executive functions, which are the best predictor of success in school and in life. Which topics are covered in the Have a Plan Books and why did

Which topics are covered in the Have a Plan Books and why did Little Blueprint choose these topics?

We wanted to launch with a wide range of topics covering daily challenges such as sleep, celebrations such a the holidays, and universal concerns such as safety, but also we wanted to be sure to include some of life’s more serious challenges such as the death of a loved one or even a pet, and divorce. We will be launching new titles regularly.

What are some things people might not know about little BLUEPRINT? What would you tell someone who is a first time customer to little BLUEPRINT and wants to create their own personalized book?

Fantastic!  You can personalize as little or as much as you want, and it will take just a few minutes.  You can select the questions you want to answer and decide if you want to upload any photos, then you can preview the book you created.  You will have a beautiful, meaningful keepsake for a child, which will not only be helpful today, but will bring back memories to look for years to come.

How did you choose your experts for the advisor board?

We were very careful in the creation of our Advisory Board.  Although we work with a wide range of amazing experts, we limited our advisory board to those with extraordinary credentials who have lent an overseeing role to little BLUEPRINT.

Is there any exclusive news you can tell us about upcoming little BLUEPRINT plans?

Just like our customers, we are always working on our plans, which grow and evolve. We can tell you that our next title . . .drumroll please . . . is about Nutrition: To Be a Healthy Eater, I Have a Plan!  We are thrilled to launch this title soon.


If you are interested in the products of little BLUEPRINT please visit their website to see all the books they have to offer! https://www.littleblueprint.com/Default.aspx

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Discover Books

Did you know that over 2 billion pounds of books are thrown away each year in the US alone?! Luckily, Discover Books has found a creative way to keep books out of landfills through their process of resell, redistribute, and recycle. Their mission is to not only save books, but to preserve libraries and promote literacy by donating MILLIONS of books.

Discover Books believes in the reuse of books, which drives them to collect books that otherwise would have been thrown away and lost forever. From their collection boxes across the country to curbside pick-ups, Discover Books inspects all of these books and then resells them online or makes sure the books are properly recycled. Along with protecting the environment, Discover Books also donates books to non-profits (like Milk+Bookies!) to make sure kids everywhere have the opportunity to read!

We love the work of Discover Books and encourage you to learn more about this company in celebration of January being International Creativity Month, so next time you too can take part in their creative process of giving books a new life!


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Splendid Sets a New Record!


Last month we were delighted to partner with Splendid to host a month long Milk+Bookies’ book-raiser.  Splendid also held Bedtime Story events, where parents could bring their children for story time and  delicious cookies.

In every Splendid store across the nation, Splendid offered a 50% discount on one item when a customer brought in 5 books to donate. This allowed the December book drive to raise 11,500 books! This is a new record for Milk+Bookies! We can’t commend Splendid and their customers enough for making this book raiser so successful, and are very grateful for their generosity this holiday season.

All the books raised by Splendid were delivered to the stores’ local Boys & Girls Clubs, meaning children all across the nation received the gift of reading in the new year.

We are so happy for the support of Splendid and the thousands of books raised for children in need! Thank you for everyone who donated and shopped at Splendid this holiday season!


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Story Hour With The Land of Nod

Are you in the Chicago area and looking for a fun, free, and worthwhile experience for the whole family to kick off  the new year?

Clear out some old titles from your home library and join us for fresh cookies and a very special Story Hour on January 23rd at The Land of Nod store located at 900 West North Avenue Chicago! Story time with your families’ favorite tales begins at 11AM and all books donated will be given to local organizations which service underserved communities. Don’t have any books at home to donate? No problem! All Story Hour guests will receive 10% off all The Land of Nod’s children’s books.

All guests who donate a new or gently used book will also receive 10% off their in-store purchase of The Land of Nod’s beautiful and high quality pieces. We can’t think of a better way to spend a chilly Thursday evening than surrounded by cookies, The Land of Nod’s delightful decor, and the spirit of giving!


Hurry, RSVP today!

Land of nod

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Baby2Baby Holiday Party

Over the holiday season Milk+Bookies was grateful for the opportunity to give. At the Annual Baby2Baby Holiday Party hosted by The Honest Company and Baby2Baby, 300 in need families were partnered with donor families and received Christmas gifts! The donor families were gracious enough to buy each child gifts off their Christmas lists. Baby2Baby and The Honest Company, as well as other companies, provided the families with other essentials such as shoes, shampoo, diapers and diaper bags.

Milk+Bookies was happy to be able to donate 300 books to these children and we are glad at the chance to spread a love of reading over the holiday season. On the day of the event, families came to the Baby2Baby warehouse that had been turned into a winter wonderland packed with crafts, treats, dancing, and amazing people.  We are honored to have been a part of such an event that helped hundred of families in our community and spread the holiday spirit!


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