Dissection of a Bookies Box

Here at Milk+Bookies, the bread and butter (or some might say, milk and cookies) of our organization is based largely on book-raisers!

When you decide to host a book-raiser with M+B, we’ll send you a Bookies Box.

What’s in a Bookies Box?
Great question.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so let our infographic explain everything for you!


*Note: each Bookies Box unfortunately does not contain cookies, but you can order them HERE.

by Cherise Chuck

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Simi Valley Girl Scouts

Who says kids can’t make a big difference in the world?

This group of Simi Valley girl scouts hosted a Milk+Bookies book-raiser and raised 1,300 books for children in their community AND were featured in their hometown newspaper! Future philanthropists like these ladies inspire us everyday and prove that kids CAN make the world a better place through kindness and service. Great job girls – we couldn’t be prouder! 

by Caitlyn Young

DJ Groovy David

DJ Groovy David is a wonderful children’s DJ who we are lucky to have perform at our annual Story Time Celebration.


He creates one of a kind events for families and has even won the Los Angeles Times “Best Kids DJ” in 2011! The Groovy Lounge is DJ Groovy David’s new show where he creates a live experience that kids will have blast groovin’ to! Shows are a customizable theme and any venue will turn into a family-fun event!

Learn more about David here and you can book him for your next family event for entertaining and fun-filled show! You won’t be disappointed!

Groovy David-00221 crop

by socialmedia

Author Champion Spotlight: Barbara Gibson-Paul

Milk+Bookies is proud to spotlight Barbara Gibson-Paul as our Author Champion of the week!

Barbara Gibson-Paul  is a licensed child and family therapist who drew on her professional and personal experience to write “Max Pays Attention”.  Her book is geared towards children in preschool – age 7, and great for special needs children too.

She hopes to continue writing children’s books that are both entertaining, as well as helpful and encouraging to children in their everyday life.  We are happy to have Barbara as a dedicated supporter of our mission to promote literacy and service learning among children in our communities.  We are excited to find out more information on her work and passion for books!

by Caitlyn Young

Intern Spotlight: Brooke


Milk+Bookies is lucky to have some of the most passionate college-aged interns on our staff.

Members of Team Intern, like our incredible Social Media Coordinator, Brooke, play an integral role in the daily operations here at Milk+Bookies’ HQ. In this Intern Spotlight, we took some time to ask Brooke about her experiences working at Milk+Bookies, what drew her to join Team Intern, and her favorite projects. Read below for her awesome answers!



Name: Brooke
School: UCLA
Position: Social Media Coordinator
Time with Milk+Bookies: October 2013 – January 2014
Why were you looking for an internship? 
As a college senior I really wanted to see what kind of options there were after graduation. After interning on a political campaign I really wanted to experience working at a non-profit and this is when I found Milk+Bookies! I am so glad this was the non-profit I interned at because they are simply amazing and so dedicated to their mission.
What drew you to M+B?
The first impression I got of Milk+Bookies was the intro video on the website. This video really connects you the magic and importance reading has in a child’s life, while also highlighting the fact that many children do not have have access to books. After coming into the office and seeing the tight-knit team that makes up Milk+Bookies, I knew this would be a special place to work at!
What was your greatest experience with M+B? Most challenging?
My greatest experience was dropping off books we had taken to Flashgiving and had children inscribe to the UCLA Tiverton House. They knew we would be donating books, but they were surprised by the amount of books I brought. The look on the employees face when I started unloading and showing her the inscriptions is one I will never forget!
The most challenging experience was seeing the stress of running a non-profit and educating new people about our mission. We are all so dedicated to the cause of getting books into children’s hands, it becomes discouraging when people do not share that same enthusiasm or are reluctant to help us in our mission. Luckily, more often than not, people really connect with what we do   — which makes it  all worth it!
What was your Special project? What makes getting the chance to do a special project at M+B different than other internships?
My special project was reaching out to High School Clubs in order to offer teens the opportunity to do a Milk+Bookies book raiser as a service learning project! This special project made me feel more connected to the mission of Milk+Bookies and more purposeful, as well as dedicated, to my work. At other internships you fall into a routine, but not at Milk+Bookies! Every day presents a new challenge or opportunity to make the most of your experience.
What was the most surprising statistic or fact you learned about service learning or literacy?
Youth who volunteer are three times more likely to volunteer as adults.” This statistic really resonated with me as I volunteered a lot in high school as we were required to do 40 hours of community service, and I always question the motivation behind this. Now, in college I see myself in this statistic as I have continued to volunteer in organizations at UCLA. I am glad I was introduced to service in high school and I love that Milk+Bookies is doing this for other children across the nation!
What is your biggest piece of advice for future interns?
Be passionate about the M+B mission! Everything you do, from making a bookies box to stuffing envelopes, is going to help a child discover the love of reading!
And anything else you want to add.
Milk+Bookies is an amazing non-profit and is an incredible internship, you won’t regret becoming a part of the Milk+Bookies team!
A huge thanks to Brooke for all of her hard work on behalf of Milk+Bookies! If you are interested in joining our internship program, check out our Opportunities page HERE.

by Caitlyn Young