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As you walk through the double doors and into the Skirball Cultural Center for Story Time Celebration, there are so many things to remember, from the colorful characters coming to life out of your favorite storybooks, to the assortment of crafts that can satisfy your creative needs. The last thing you want to do is forget about those memories, and what better way to remember than by having your pictures taken with the Snapgram Photobooth?

We had so much fun having Snapgram “snap” unforgettable, high quality pictures of our guests and making sure their memories are nothing but amazing! Or goofy, or silly, whatever they want to remember! Here’s a Snapgram photo of our celebrity interviewer, Jordan, and his mother!


If you want Snapgram to take pictures of your memories, check out their website and learn more about their “Snaptastic Booth!” http://www.snapgramphotobooth.com/

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Recap: 5th Annual Story Time Celebration!

The day couldn’t be more perfect as kids were filing into our amazing venue at the Skirball Cultural Center, eyes wide open as they saw tables full of crafts, beautiful and playful animal sculptures created with recycled book pages, and of course, plates and plates of cookies.
In our best and biggest event of the year, Story Time Celebration allowed for 3,000 books to be donated to Operation School Bell. This organization provides kids from underprivileged homes with basic and necessary needs such as backpacks, basic hygienic  products, school supplies, and now thanks to all of our kid volunteers, books! We hope that all of guests, kids and adults included, had fun whether it be spending time decorating a paper map hat, interacting with our favorite story time characters, enjoying some delicious milkshakes and cookies, or listening to our very special celebrity guests read them some of their favorite children’s stories!
IMG_7464 IMG_7553
We definitely were so lucky to have so many amazing celebrity guests come out to STC with their families and read to us as well as partake in promoting the importance of children’s literacy and the heart of giving. It was so great having some amazing first time readers like Amanda Peet and Jerry Ferrara as well as STC returners like Julie Bowen and Max Greenfield just to name a few. We are so grateful for the time that they set aside to come to our event as well as our amazing sponsors and volunteers that helped transform the Skirball into a beautiful wonderland where story book characters come to life and kids are free to indulge in their creativity and grow their hearts in philanthropy.
IMG_7634 IMG_7516
We want to thank everyone that came out to our Fifth Annual Story Time Celebration and hope that you enjoyed your time with us and whether you have made it out to an event with us or not, we hope to see you in the following year for our next Story Time!
All photos by: Elli Lauren Photography

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Milk+Bookies on Hollywood Journal!

Read! Give! Grow! – a simple philosophy. It’s all about spreading the love of reading by giving books to those who can’t afford their own.” Our Event Committee member Erica Messer describes in her story on the Hollywood Journal about how she found a way to pass on memories of reading to other children who have little access to their own books through Milk + Bookies

Giving Is Nice

With Story Time Celebration coming up this Sunday, Erica’s story reminds us how important it is to give kids a chance to “escape into a book, lose themselves in a story, and choose their own adventure.” Read more of her story on the Hollywood Journal and embark on your own adventure to Story Time Celebration!

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Honorary Committee Spotlight: Julie Bowen

Julie 2

You may recognize her from the Emmy-award winning show Modern Family, or the hilarious summer hit Horrible Bosses, but we are proud to know Julie Bowen as a member of our Honorary Committee here at Milk+Bookies. As a mother of three, she understands firsthand the importance of children’s literacy as well as teaching her kids important life lessons about philanthropy and developing a heart for giving to those less fortunate.

At our annual Story Time Celebration we have multiple activities for kids as well as adults. Not only are there opportunities to make some fun crafts to take home, but kids can also gather around and listen to one of our celebrity guests read some of their favorite childhood books.

Julie 1
We have been so very privileged to have Bowen come out to our Story Time Celebration events in past years and have benefited so much from her support for Milk+Bookies! With her help as well as the other multiple amazing members of our Honorary Committee, we hope to spread some Milk+Bookies love through book-raisers around the nation!

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Jonathan’s Pick of The Month!

Milk+Bookies is proud to introduce our new monthly blog feature –
Jonathan’s Pick of The Month!

Jonathan 1
Jonathan is one of our most dedicated volunteers, and a serious reading enthusiast. Every month, Jonathan will give us his latest recommendations for which books are on the top of his reading list. This month, Jonathan told us all about The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann. After hearing that The Unwanteds was one of Jonathan’s all time favorite reads, the author very generously donated 20 copies for Jonathan and Milk+Bookies to donate to local recipient groups!

— — — — —

This dystopian novel focuses on a young teenager, Alex, who finds out that he is Unwanted while his twin brother, Aaron, is a Wanted. In a society that labels everyone as either Wanted, Necessary, or Unwanted, he expects to die because of his label. However, everything changes when he discovers that instead of a “death farm,” Alex really goes to a magical place called Artimé where he and fellow Unwanteds are encouraged to cultivate their creative abilities and use them magically.
Problems arise as the bond between Alex and Aaron grow stronger with their separation which threatens the survival of Artimé that will ultimately pit brother against brother in an intense magical battle. This bestselling book is where “The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter” and is an adventure from cover to cover.
— — — — —

We asked Jonathan a couple questions about why he recommends this book and how giving copies of The Unwanteds to local children makes him feel. Read below for his answers!

What are three words that describe The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann?

Cool, Amazing, Great!
Why should kids read this book?
This is a great book because it is in my favorite genre, mystery books – it really leaves you on the edge.
Which character is your favorite and why?
My favorite character is Marcus, the guy who created the creative world–an alternative world where people who display creativity are exiled to. He’s a mysterious (but fun!) guy. Marcus knows things that other people don’t know, but he doesn’t tell anybody.
Which character do you relate most to and why?
Alex, the main character. We share similar interests, like music, sports, and friends. And Alex is always up for an adventure, just like me!
What do you think people will learn from reading this book?
In the novel, people use their creative skills as a power, like using music as a weapon or making origami dragons to fight enemies. Creativity is really important and powerful!
What is your favorite part/aspect about this book?
My favorite part is when everyone starts preparing for the big battle. Everyone is waiting for it to happen, so seeing how they prepare using their skills is really exciting.
Why is giving back important to you?
Reading is one of my favorite things to do and giving back is important to me because I want people to be able to experience what I experience when I read.
How does giving back with Milk+Bookies make you feel?
Giving makes me feel good! I love helping Milk+Bookies because I like giving back and helping kids get books that don’t have books. I love Milk+Bookies!

JOnathan 3
Because of Jonathan’s hard work and desire to help others, multiple copies of The Unwanteds will be donated to two recipient groups he chose in his community: the UCLA Tiverton House and Santa Monica YMCA!

Jonathan 4We hope you’ll stay tuned with us to hear what the latest and greatest books are from  Jonathan’s list! Don’t forget to visit your local bookstore so you can join in on all of the reading fun. You can also purchase your copy of The Unwanteds HERE.

See you next month!

Read! Give! Grow!

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Mother Company DVDs

As we gear up towards Story Time Celebration on April 27 (it’s so close!) we are preparing our VIP baskets with lots of amazing goodies to give to some of our supporters! This year we’re so happy to have the Mother Company DVDs in our baskets!

mother co.The Mother Co. DVDs not only offer fun and educational entertainment for children, but also addresses social and emotional issues and challenges that affect both parents and children by providing helpful solutions. It’s a new, exciting way to learn and Milk+Bookies encourages you to purchase the 3 DVD set for only $34.95! Check it out on their website: http://www.rubysstudio.com/

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The Ultimate Giving Squad!

At Milk+Bookies, we love interacting with kids and partnering with them so that they have an opportunity to participate in the act of giving to those less fortunate and learn the importance of reading. We’ve had some of the most dedicated and invested kids come into our Santa Monica office and help us with various activities. They bring so much energy into our office and are always willing to help us in any way with a happy heart.

We’ve asked these awesome group of kids, we like to call them “The Ultimate Giving Squad,” to write down their experiences and what they’ve learned. Their responses to how giving has made them feel are both heartwarming and inspiring.


These kids are such a great reminder of how influential the power of giving can be. They remind us of the creative nature that kids have and how a single act of giving can inspire kids to do more for the people around them and all over the world in so many different ways. We couldn’t be more proud of them!

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Life is short, so eat a cookie! At Milk + Bookies, we sure do love to eat them! Today, we would like to recognize Isabella’s Cookie Company not only for their fresh and delicious cookies, but for also being an incredible partner!

Isabella’s cookies come in a variety of flavors, from the Dark Mocha Monster for the dark chocolate and mocha lovers, to the Springtime Sugar Rush, a perfect, sweet cookie for the springtime! An amazing thing about these cookies is that they are baked with no preservatives and contain the freshest, most natural ingredients!


Because we love Isabella’s Cookies so much, we paired up with them to create our own delectable baked treat called the Milk + Bookies Chocolate Chip Cookie! You can now find them at select Whole Foods stores:



-Green Valley/ Henderson





-Sherman Oaks West


-Pacific Coast Highway


-Newport Beach

-Montana Avenue

-Laguna Beach

-Redondo Beach

-West LA

-La Jolla




-Porter Ranch

-Thousand Oaks


-Huntington Beach

-Laguna Niguel


Isabella’s Cookies Company has been dedicated to helping our mission in raising books for underprivileged children, and we are so grateful to have them as a VIP Baskets sponsor! Look out for their sweet treats at Story Time Celebration on April 27!

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Spring time is among us, filled with lots of warm weather and more time to eat ice cream! At Milk+Bookies, we love to treat ourselves to some yummy ice cream from our partner, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams!

McConnells Ice Cream

Made from scratch and with many organic ingredients, McConnell’s handcrafts ice cream like no other! They use pasteurized milk and cream at The Old Dairy in Santa Barbara, and cage-free organic eggs from California Central Coastal farms. In addition they stay away from preservatives, fillers, and stabilizers, making the ice cream naturally rich, smooth, and delicious!

McConnell’s has a variety of flavors, from Winter Cranberry Chip, to Golden State Vanilla, and even Churros Con Leche. Unique, yet so mouthwateringly delicious! Check out their list of flavors!

You can find their fine ice creams at your local grocery store here. In addition, they offer home delivery, so you can have delicious ice cream right at your doorstep, frozen to perfection and ready to be eaten.

McConnell’s has been an avid contributor and VIP Baskets partner of Milk+Bookies! If you end up buying a McConnell’s pint container, you can find our logo at the back! We appreciate them so much for their support and recommend that you try their fine ice creams!

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Book-Raiser Spotlight: Ali

Think hosting a book-raiser is only fun for little ones?

Think again!
Children have had a blast hosting Milk+Bookies book-raisers in ALL age ranges, from month old babies, to 89 year old kids at heart!

Today’s book-raiser spotlight features Ali, a 20 year old college student who raised 177 books for the Atlanta Boys and Girls Club! Way to go Ali!

Join the Milk+Bookies movement TODAY by ordering your Bookies Box HERE!

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