Spotted: A “READ, GIVE, GROW!” Moment

The other day, a mother’s touching email reached our inbox. We knew right away that we had to share it with all of you!




For a school project, her first grade son was asked to create a piece of art that would demonstrate his dream for the world and what he could do to help make the dream come true.

His words:

“Who doesn’t love books?  Some people don’t have books though so I will donate. My dream for the world is that everyone has books. I love reading.”

Truly a “Read, Give, Grow!” moment!


Written By: Jenna Perelman

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Intern Spotlight: Janna


Summer is upon us here at Milk+Bookies, and while we are excited for all the great things summer brings (hello reading by the beach and milkshakes in the sun!) we are also a little sad that the start of summer means the end of our spring intern program.

However, our staff can’t wait to hear about all of the big things our departing spring interns will do for the world in the future! Read below as one of these integral members of  Team Intern, Janna, shares with us her favorite experiences while working at M+B and words of advice for future interns!



Name: Janna
School: UCLA
Position: Social Media Intern
Time with Milk+Bookies: February – June 2014


Why were you looking for an internship? I wanted to take advantage of not only the different opportunities on campus, but also in communities outside of UCLA. That and I’ve always wanted to know the tricks and secrets behind social media and how an organization uses it as an outreach tool.

What drew you to M+B? Everything about it! The mission, the people, even the name! How can you not work at a place called Milk+Bookies?! When I first heard that it was an organization that promoted the love of reading and service learning, I immediately fell in love. As someone who loves to read and has volunteered regularly at a local library during high school, being able to intern at a place like M+B is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What was your greatest/most favorite experience with M+B? Most challenging? I’ve had so many great experiences with M+B, but my favorite experiences are the ones when I’m surrounded by people who make M+B come to life. Meredith, Caitlyn, and all the other interns are so charming and wonderful people to work with, and I always look forward to coming into the office and hearing their stories. The most challenging experience I’ve had was probably having to remember all the different aspects that make up M+B! Everything from the materials inside the Bookies Box, to the partners and donors of M+B, as well as the array of M+B social media outlets I had access to were things that I needed to be familiar with rather quickly. After some time however, you get used to the hustle and bustle of things and it became second nature for me to know the anatomy of a Bookies Box, and I loved seeing people’s responses to my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts!

What was Story Time Celebration like? How did it feel to see all of your hard work come to fruition? Story Time Celebration is literally a story book come to life, and when I first walked into the doors of the Skirball Cultural Center, everything blew my mind away. The beautiful decorations, the characters walking around interacting with the children, and the wonderful stage where the celebrity sponsors came up to read were all things that should be experienced rather than just heard of or seen through pictures. The intern team put a lot of time and effort into making enough crafts for the event, and seeing it all being put to good use was a very rewarding feeling! I especially worked hard at cutting out the story map compasses for crafts, and it made me happy to see a child put together a compass and talk animatedly to a storybook character at STC!

What was the most surprising statistic/fact you learned about service learning or literacy? While writing a blog for National  March into Literacy Month, I learned that 1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read, and the ratio of children to books in low-income neighborhoods is 300 children to 1 book. That’s pretty alarming and scary to learn, but it also reinforced my belief that what Milk+Bookies is doing is so important and pertinent to the future of education and society. So everyone, “Read! Give! Grow!”

What is your biggest piece of advice for future interns? I’ve learned so much through Milk+Bookies, so come in with an open mind and you will take so many valuable things with you as an intern. It’s a rewarding opportunity to take hold of! Also don’t be afraid to say what you want for lunch! :)

And anything else you want to add. I’m definitely gonna miss everyone…and the cookies hehe…



Thank YOU, Janna, for all of your hard work! We will miss you!

by Caitlyn Young

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Stefanie and Vienna

As Stefanie and her daughter, Vienna, say, “Go big or go home!” Hosting a Milk+Bookies book-raiser at a birthday party is always fun and successful, and Vienna’s 6th birthday party was no exception. Together with friends and family who attended the party at their home in Minnesota, Stefanie and Vienna raised over 422 books! Now that’s big!


How many books did you raise? 422 and counting

How old is the birthday boy/girl? 6 years old

How many kids were involved in your event? 16

Stefanie and Vienna hope to build their own free library right on their front yard with the books they’ve raised! We look forward to hearing more about Stefanie’s and Vienna’s goals in the future and hope that you too can give back to your community by hosting your own book-raiser!

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