Host an October Book-raiser!

One of the most popular FAQs is,

If I don’t have a birthday to celebrate soon,
how can I host a book-raiser?


The beauty of hosting a Milk+Bookies book-raiser is that it doesn’t need a special day attached to it to be a huge success! A book-raiser can be ANY gathering of people in which a host asks for a donation of books. It could be anything from a company meeting, to a store opening, a baby shower or a back to school night.  Then, all you need is the Milk+Bookies’ toolkit, the Bookies Box, and VOILA, you have yourself a book-raiser!

From there, the options are endless:

You can request the participants bring new or gently used board books or chapter books.  Graphic novels or Historical whodunits.

You can offer cookies, or cupcakes, or ants on a log.

Guests can dress up as their favorite characters, or host a story time with Clifford the Big Red Dog!

You can organize cookie decorating, invite a representative from your recipient organization to speak about their group,

Or feature a book-themed photo booth and ice-cream by the scoop!

book-raiser ideas

Almost EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible to make a book-raiser extra fun and special!

Love these ideas but STILL want a holiday connected to your book-raiser?

Fret not!

There are DOZENS of national holidays each month which can serve as a great inspiration for your book-raiser. October alone is National Book Month and National Cookie Month!

October also includes National Storytelling Weekend (10/4-10/6), Great Books Week (10/5-10/11),
Teen Read Week (10/12-10/18), and National Friends of Libraries Week (10/19-10/25).

Not to forget: National Homemade Cookies Day (10/1),
National Do Something Nice Day (10/5), and National Make a Difference Day (10/25).

What are you waiting for?

Order Your Bookies Box TODAY and turn your next gathering into a fun and fulfilling book-raiser. (It’s FREE for students and teachers!) With your initiative, under-serviced kids in your community will have access to their first books!
You can also find more book-raiser activities and ideas on our Pinterest page HERE.


by Caitlyn Young

Book-raiser Spotlight: Andrew’s 2nd Birthday!

Andrew Book-raiser 1

Andrew Book-raiser 4

How can you make a little one’s birthday even MORE of a special day?

2 year old Andrew’s mom, Megan, had the right idea: invite family & friends over for a day of cookies, story-time, and LOTS of giving back with a Milk+Bookies Book-Raiser!

Read below for some awesome photos & quotes from Andrew’s special M+B Book-raiser at a local coffee shop!


How old is the birthday boy/girl?   2

How many kids were involved in your event?   10

And how many books did they raise?   200

Wow! 2 years old and already inspiring people to donate hundreds of books! To which local organization did you donate your books? Kids Voice

Andrew book-raiser 2

Tell us more about your event: “We used social media (Next Door) to post this as a local community event in addition to our birthday party and we hosted it at a local coffee shop so lots of neighbors cleaned out their bookshelves and brought some gently used books by.  They were thrilled to have a meaningful place to donate the books!

Andrew Book-raiser 3

“Thanks so much for providing the inspiration and materials to make this happen!”


Thank YOU, Megan, Andrew, and all your wonderful guests for raising 200 books for your local community! Story time at a local coffee shop is a brilliant idea, and looks SO FUN in your photos. We might just have to implement our own M+B coffee shop story time soon!

Join Megan & Andrew and hundreds of other nationwide hosts by

Read! Give! Grow!

by Caitlyn Young

We need your help!


With YOUR VOTE, we can implement our program into more than 1,000 classrooms this year!!

Milk+Bookies is up for a $100,000 grant that needs YOUR VOTE! With this grant, 1,000 classrooms – approximately 30,000 children – will be impacted by our program. More than 30,000 books will be distributed to at-risk, in-need children. By exposing children to how great giving feels, they will want to do it again and again, creating what we like to call a “generation of Future Philanthropists.” The byproduct of our organization’s mission is getting underprivileged children age appropriate books to help them with literacy, help them dream bigger, and help them feel inspired. Our project will benefit thousands of children, teachers, schools and ultimately Los Angeles!


1. Visit Milk + Bookies project page at: and click the “Vote” button to vote for us! You can also CLICK HERE to vote.

2. If you are not a GOOD member, register at *GOOD first, follow the prompts and please remember to validate your email address (you’ll receive instructions to go to your email to confirm your vote) so your vote gets counted.

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Every vote counts!


by Caitlyn Young