The Book With No Pictures (but lots of laughs!)

At Milk+Bookies, we like to think of ourselves as unofficial story-time experts. Since story-time is a cornerstone of our Milk+Bookies events,  we take finding perfect books to read aloud very, VERY seriously. That’s why, when Twitter follower @brandsojustice suggested we take a look at B.J. Novak’s new children’s book, The Book With No Pictures, we were super excited!

bj-novak-0-300x400COURTESY B.J. NOVAK via People.com

The Book With No Pictures is a delightfully refreshing and funny children’s book sure to be your kiddo’s next favorite bedtime read. True to its title, the book contains absolutely no illustrations, but it DOES have a trick or two up its [book] sleeve.


As the book puts it,
“This is the book that makes grown-ups have to say silly things!
and… make silly sounds like…

With this book, parents will find themselves at the hilarious mercy of the text – singing things like, “Glug, glug, glug, my face is a bug… I eat ants for breakfast right off the ruuuuuug!” and declaring:


Nervous about reading such a silly story? Don’t be! “I think a lot of parents think they are not funny and are scared to read a funny book,” Novak told People.com earlier this year.  “But I’ve tested it with so many parents and I think this is fool-proof. No matter how you read it, you’re funny.”

Make sure to grab your copy of The Book With No Pictures today and tag @milkandbookies on Instagram with photos of YOUR own  ridiculously – hysterical – just – plain – silly story-time!

by Caitlyn Young

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Camden’s 1st Birthday!

Camden 2


You’re never too young to start giving back!

Our Book-raiser spotlight of the week features one awesome mom who knew this to be true, and decided to add a Milk+Bookies book-raiser to her son’s first birthday party. Camden’s party was made extra special with Dr. Seuss themed props, some delicious treats, and of course, lots of giving back with all of the day’s books heading to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.


Read below for more details about Camden’s first birthday party + book-raiser!

Camden 4

Name: Camden
Age: 1
Number of Books Raised: 25
Number of participants: 15
Recipient Organization: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

camden 3

Quote from Julie, Camden’s mom: “I love that Milk + Bookies provides an opportunity to teach children, even as early as 1 year old, the importance of reading AND giving back. This was our first Milk + Bookies themed party and it sure won’t be our last. I hope to make it an annual event at all of Camden’s birthday’s to come.”

Camden 1

We can’t wait to see more photos from future philanthropist Camden’s birthday parties over the years!

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If YOU would like to join the Milk+Bookies movement, order your Bookies Box TODAY!

by Caitlyn Young

Kids put their fingerprints on giving!

When a host decides to organize a Milk+Bookies Book-Raiser, the first step in throwing the event is ordering their Bookies Box!
The standard Bookies Box toolkit includes all of the materials a host needs to throw a book-raiser for 25 guests, and is $30 + shipping, or FREE for school and charitable institutions.

There are plenty of goodies inside the Milk+Bookies Bookies Box – 75 bookmarks, 10 balloons, 25 ‘I Donated’ stickers, and 50 book plates.


The bookplate is an adhesive square designed for the giving child’s inscription. Guests peel off the back of the bookplate, place it inside the front cover of the book, and draw or write any message to make their donation extra special.  When kids at Milk+Bookies events are baffled about what to inscribe in the book, we like to ask them the following questions to help inspire their message:
What did you like about this book?
What would you say if you could give this book to another child right now?
How did reading this book make you feel?

This inscription process allows children to literally and figuratively put their fingerprint on their giving experience! Here are some examples of adorable inscriptions we have collected over the years.
Host your own Milk+Bookies book-raiser TODAY and send us photos with your batch of inscriptions!

Read! Give! Grow!

by Caitlyn Young

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Evie’s 3rd Birthday


Another day, another amazing Book-Raiser story!  One of the best parts about working at Milk+Bookies is getting to see all of the awesome work that hosts put into their Book-Raisers, and we’re excited to share Evie’s Birthday Book-Raiser with you!  Evie’s mom Holly decided to throw her daughter a party with a purpose, and Milk+Bookies was thrilled to be a part of her special day!  Continue reading to see what Holly had to say about Evie’s Book-Raiser, and check out the STUPENDOUS photos of a day filled with reading, giving, growing, and, of course, cookies!

How many books did you raise? 60 books + donation to purchase 100 additional books = 160 books

How old is the birthday boy/girl? 3

How many kids were involved in your event? 10

Where did you donate your books? Promising Pages

How did you hear about Milk + Bookies? Did search for literacy-related charities and stumbled across Milk + Bookies :)

Quote from the event: We are so happy that we partnered with Milk + Bookies for our daughter’s 3rd birthday book-raiser!  It’s such a great organization that put us in touch with a local organization, Promising Pages, and allowed us to make an impact locally.

Evie absolutely loves to read!  This was a way for us to introduce to her that there are many children that are not as fortunate to have their own books to read; something that was rather bewildering to a child who has books at her disposal to grow her passion.  She was very happy that she was able to ‘help little boys and girls to have books”.

After the birthday book-raiser, we scheduled time for her to participate in the drop-off with Promising Pages.  The smile on everyone’s faces were priceless.  Evie even got to help sort some of the books into the categorized bins.  Brennan, with Promising Pages, was so helpful during the process and seemed absolutely thrilled for the new additions.  You can tell she loves what she does!


Thank you Milk + Bookies for helping us make a difference!

And thank you, Evie, Holly, and all of your guests for teaming up with Milk+Bookies and raising 160 BOOKS for your community!  If you’d like to take a page out of Evie’s book (see what we did there?), you can host your own Book-Raiser  for a day of fun and philanthropy!

by Lauren Montgomery