Alliance of Moms – Raising Baby

On September 26th, Milk+Bookies had the privilege of being a part of Raising Baby, a wonderful event hosted by our friends at the Alliance of Moms.

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Alliance of Moms is an incredible cohort of mothers in the LA area who support the work of the Alliance for Children’s Rights. Moved by staggering statistics like, 75% of girls in foster care experience pregnancy by the age of 21, these mothers fight for and support foster youth. Their educational programs equip pregnant and/or parenting foster teens with empowering tools and information to help give their own children a healthy childhood.

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Over 70 youth foster parents and 40 children gathered at The Children’s Institute for the second annual Raising Baby. The day focused on infant care and early brain development, emphasizing the importance of engagement in the first few years of life. Parents were able to attend workshops throughout the day, while Alliance of Moms volunteers cared for their children. These young parents were able to hear parent testimonies, learn new ways to interact with their children, and attend brain building workshops. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, Jessica Alba, Angela Davis, and Kristen Bell all came out to support the event and these amazing mothers! What a phenomenal day!

70 Young Parents


40 Children Attended

Milk + Bookies donated 160 books for Raising Baby, which were included in the goodie bags that each parent took home. Now, they can all share the love of reading with their children and give them a vital tool for future success. We are so happy that these books found loving homes! 


Thank you, Alliance of Moms, for letting us be part of this event!



by Marianna Yamamoto

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by Alesha Dailey

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Harvard Extension School

On Friday, September 18th, the staff of the Harvard Extension School in Cambridge, Massachusetts hosted their own Milk + Bookies book-raiser. The event was a huge success and the staff members collected hundreds of books, almost doubling their goal! Many of the donated books were hand-picked by the staff and their children. As a bonus, everyone enjoyed ice cream and cookie sandwiches from The Cookie Monstah food truck…YUM!




DONATED TO: Cradles to Crayons!

Cradles to Crayons provides children 12 years or younger, living in low-income or homeless situations, “with essential items they need to thrive…[They] supply these items, free of charge, by engaging and connecting communities that have with communities that need.” What a wonderful organization to donate books to!

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“We hope some of the children who get these books will develop the same love of reading and learning that we have. [The book-raiser was perfect for] our mission to extend Harvard education to anyone with the intellectual drive and curiosity to master the academic rigor of our courses.”

– Amie Evans, Executive Assistant to the Dean at Harvard University


Find out how you can host your own book-raiser and start making a difference to children in your community, here.

And don’t forget to order your Bookies Box full of the goodies you will need to make your book-raiser a success!


by Marianna Yamamoto

Book-Raiser Spotlight: MOMS Club of Bridgewater West

This week’s book-raiser spotlight goes to the MOMS Club of Bridgewater West in New Jersey! Inspired by their love of a good book, a group of philanthropic moms set out to spread the joy of reading to their community. These amazing moms hosted their own Milk + Bookies book drive and donated hundreds of books to local foster children in Somerset County!


DONATED TO: Foster and Adoptive Family Services of NJ


“I grew up surrounded by books and loved getting lost in them. It makes me so happy to know that I can pass a piece of that magic on.” – Kate Sabella


The community support for the book drive was outstanding! Donations came in from all over, including the Friends of Bridgewater Library who donated 5 large boxes full of great books. Most of the remaining books were donated by community members who heard about the event and stopped by with boxes of books their kids had outgrown. The foster children can now take books home and discover the transformative power of reading. These moms and their little book collectors discovered just how good it feels to give back to others!

We are so thrilled to hear about the success of these #futurephilanthropists and can’t wait to see where their love of reading and giving takes them!

To find out how you can Host Your Own Book-Raiser and start making a difference to children in your community, click here.

And don’t forget to purchase your Bookies Box full of all the materials you will need to make your Book-Raiser a success!!


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Guess How Much I Love You Celebration Recap

On October 4th, Milk + Bookies teamed up with Seedling and Bakeology to celebrate the 20th anniversary of best-selling children’s book, Guess How Much I Love You.

The amazing author, Sam McBratney, and his wife, Maralyn, joined us at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica, where they were met by a group of excited children (and adults!) wearing great big hares ears, inspired by the books titular characters. And, we weren’t the only ones sporting Guess How Much I Love You gear! Sam arrived wearing a beautiful hand painted tie with illustrations of Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare–where can we get one?!


Everyone had a chance to meet Sam as he signed copies of his book, before finding a cozy place to sit for story time. Sam, himself, read us the tale of Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare and their quest to determine exactly how much they love each other. Afterwards, Sam told us about his inspiration for the book, the 6-month process of hand-picking each word, and his continuing journey as an author. He had the entire crowd enraptured as only a true Irishman could!



But wait! Just when we thought we had to bid Sam farewell, he brought out his personal favorite book, You’re All My Favorites, and read us a bonus story. Well, Sam, you are definitely OUR favorite!



Sam’s weren’t the only stories we were hearing at the celebration–the kids got to tell their own #SeedlingStory with the fun animal masks they made with Seedling! Everyone’s masks were so unique and colorful!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Milk + Bookies story time without cookies! Thanks to the amazing mother-daughter team at Bakeology, we had plenty of delicious cookies for everyone to enjoy. It certainly didn’t take long for the kids to discover these bite-sized wonders. With a book in one hand and a cookie in the other, everyone enjoyed the celebration!




Thank you, Sam, for sharing all of your wonderful stories with us!


by Marianna Yamamoto

Leaders + Readers Spotlight: Variety Boys & Girls Club

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On September 24th, our Leaders + Readers  team ventured out to the Variety Boys & Girls Club in Boyle Heights, where we donated 1,000 books and set up a special “Book Fair”.  The children were each invited to choose TWO books of their own to take home and enjoy. They were all so excited and enthusiastic that they even presented us with a special poem!




We are constantly inspired by the amazing actions of educators like Ms. Avila, the librarian at the Variety Boys & Girls Club. With dedication and sincere passion, she encourages all of the kids to read every day and constantly strives to foster a positive learning environment. She hosts a “Power Hour” for homework help every day and encourages research on new subjects. She also has devoted storytelling volunteers who come and read with the children every week. Furthermore, Ms. Avila has the children write letters and create cards for soldiers, their family members, and others in the community. What can’t this amazing librarian do!?



Our Leaders + Readers team left the kids with blank board books so that they could write and illustrate their own stories. We are so excited to be going back to the Variety Boys & Girls Club in late November to see the kids and hear the stories they are creating especially for us!




To find out more about our Leaders + Readers program, please click here.


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