M+B Definitions

M+BLeaders + Readers:

Leaders + Readers is our local Los Angeles based program designed to encourage student volunteers in the Los Angeles community to organize book drives to benefit another LA based “sister” school.

The goal of every Leaders+Readers Book Drive is to flood underserved Los Angeles schools with books to support learning and academic excellence AND allow students to gain experience with leadership and community service. To date, we have redistributed over 400,000 books!

Email bookdrives@milkandbookies.org to find out how YOUR school can become a host or recipient with Leaders + Readers!!


Choose + Keep:

After hosting numerous Leaders + Readers School Book Drives and donating thousands of books to fill the classrooms and libraries of schools throughout the Los Angeles area, we realized there was one more step we could be taking…why not ensure that every student, at every school we visit gets to take home a book of their own to keep?!

At every school delivery, our team sets up a pop-up “CHOOSE + KEEP” Book Fair during lunch, recess, and before school starts, utilizing a portion of the books donated. Every student at the recipient school will have a chance to “shop” for their very own books to take home with them!

*We are now expanding and hosting Choose + Keep Book Fairs at organizations throughout Los Angeles! If you would like us to come and set up one of our Choose + Keep Book Fairs at your school or organization, please email us at bookdrives@milkandbookies.org!


Future Philanthropist:

It’s what we call the amazing children who participate in our programs! These kids embody our “Read! Give! Grow!” philosophy of spreading the love of reading to those who can’t afford books of their own and the importance of giving back to others throughout their lives. Our programs strive to instill in them self-confidence, pride, and a sense of goodwill – all wonderful byproducts of the Milk+Bookies brand of philanthropy.

Did you know?…

81% of adults who volunteer or donate to a cause were exposed to service learning as children.


Story Time Celebration:

The Story Time Celebration is our annual fundraiser held each spring in Los Angeles, California. This event is a SUPER BLOW OUT version of the “host your own” book-raiser. It is a day of family fun featuring celebrity readers, story-inspired arts & crafts, a chance to meet your favorite literary characters, delicious snacks…and, of course, milk & cookies!

Children are invited to DO THE GIVING! Browse our bookstore generously provided by Discover Books where children can choose books, inscribe them with a personal message, and donate them back. Milk + Bookies’ Leaders + Readers team is giving these books to local children in Title 1 schools and in-need organizations in Los Angeles who do not have access to books of their own. Visit our page here to find out more information about this year’s event!


Service Learning:

Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. It is one of the main missions of Milk + Bookies and a pillar of our “READ! GIVE! GROW!” philosophy.