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How do I host my own?

First, decide what TYPE of party you’d like to host, how many people you’d expect to come and what location you’d like to use.

What kind of parties are there?

Milk + Bookies can mold to almost ANY kind of gathering, but we have successful models designated for birthday parties, class projects (which is any larger group at a bookstore or school) and school book fairs. Check out some of our most popular models for book-raisers HERE.

Where do I host a Milk + Bookies?

ANYWHERE! A small backyard birthday party, an evening book club meeting or a community day at the local bookstore. The possibilities are endless. You can host a bowling party for your son’s birthday and add M+B, you can throw a holiday party for your office and add M+B…

Why do I want to host my own?

Because you want to expose kids (yours or anyone’s) to HOW GREAT IT FEELS TO GIVE BACK and this is a fun and simple way to get kids excited. It’s a meaningful way to spend family time AND you get to make a big difference to local kids getting the book donations.

Why do I have to pay for the materials?

We have done all the “heavy lifting” for you. We have carefully planned and plotted, we have researched with child development specialists to come up with a way in which kids will understand and take ownership of their gesture. All of our findings have been thoughtfully put together for parents and teachers and come with your Box purchase. Signage, literature and all the steps needed to pull off a successful day. And MOSTLY, money spent here will go toward making more Bookies Boxes that can be sent (at no charge) to schools and groups in high poverty areas so that those children can have the gift of giving AND receiving.

How old are the children involved?

All ages. Children 3 and under might not experience the full joys of giving and understand that they are making a difference, but they can still enjoy the day. Hosts can be all ages, those under 12 will need adult support.

How do I find a recipient group?

If you don’t have an organization with whom you feel connected (a homeless shelter, a YMCA, etc), we will be more than happy to help you locate a recipient in your zip code.

How do I know what books to donate?

New or gently used, all ages. We generally recommend hardcover picture books. If you are in touch with your chosen recipient group beforehand, you may ask them what they need most.

How do I get the materials?

Order your BOOKIES BOX here.

How can I have a celebrity read at my event?

Well if you don’t know any personally, how about asking the mayor, a firefighter, a veteran, a team player from your local sports team or get a costumed character from a birthday party company.

How can I give my child a birthday party and NOT have the guests bring presents?

Well, your child will most likely get gifts. Between grandparents, close family and friends, your child will not be completely deprived of a new toy. PLUS we have found that many many times, guests will STILL bring gifts for the birthday child even when asked not to.

How can I have a class project if the kids aren’t in high school?

Easily, just contact us and we can mold it to fit your needs.

Who pays for the books at the book store event?

The guests / book store customers who come that day.

How do we get people to show up?

Flyers, newspaper, facebook, twitter, email chains for parents – advertising is part of the fun.

Where can I get cookies and milk donated?

Unless you are having a birthday party model, we can supply you with a letter for local businesses (bakeries, party supply and markets) to help get donations of cookies, milk, balloons, water bottles and anything else you’d like to add to your book-raiser.

What is the best time of day to throw my event?

If you are planning a party with small kids (pre-school age), then we recommend a pre-lunch / pre-nap party around 10 am – 12 pm.

Who picks out the books?

For an in-store event, the children choose them and the parents buy them. At a birthday party event at any location other than a bookstore, the families will bring them.

What do kids do once they’ve picked it out?

Kids inscribe bookplates with their name (if they can write) or a scribble (if they can’t). Then adhere it to the inside cover of the book. This is an important piece of the process as it helps the young ones feel connected to the giving experience. THEY are the givers of this book. THEY have put their stamp on it.

What do they write on the bookplate?

Older children might want to write something like,”hope you like this book” or “ENJOY!” and sign their name. Younger children might just scribble with a crayon to put their “mark” on it.

How do we get the books to the recipient group?

Once you have decided on a group (and we can help if you need it), you will call them to arrange a drop off that you will deliver.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please email

We are here to support you throughout the entire process! So please don’t feel like you’ll be out there on there own. You aren’t. We love what we do and are here to help you with whatever you’ll need.