About Leaders + Readers


What Is The Leaders + Readers Book Drive Program?

Leaders+Readers is a special Milk+Bookies program designed to encourage student volunteers in the Los Angeles community, organizing book drives to benefit another Los Angeles based “sister” school.

The goal of every Leaders+Readers Book Drive is to flood underserved Los Angeles schools with books to support learning and academic excellence AND allow students to gain experience with leadership and community service.

How Do The Leaders+Readers Book Drives Work?

For each book drive, our Leaders+Readers staff work with student volunteers on four occasions to:

  1. Coordinate book drives and inspire creative advertising campaigns on participating campuses. They will then kick-off a week long all-school book drive.
  2. Sort donated books for quality and reading levels. Pack them for delivery. Receive and reciprocate buddy letters from the recipient schools students.
  3. Deliver books to recipient schools and organizations, alongside the student volunteers who collected all the books! Buddies meet, share a snack & a story. Our team then sets up a pop-up “CHOOSE + KEEP” Book Fair during lunch, recess and before school starts utilizing a portion of the books donated. Every student at the recipient school will have a chance to “shop” for their very own books to take home with them!
  4. Reflect on this giving experience with the kids who organized the drive. Talk about how community involvement makes them feel and how they will want to more service in their lives.

What Does it Mean to be a LEADER and a READER?

Check out the amazing work our donor schools have done on our testimonials page here!

M+BAre you interested in donating your books?

We would LOVE for you to donate your books to be used for our local Los Angeles initiatives. Please email our Operations Manager, Alesha, at aleshad@milkandbookies.org for more details!

All book donations can be shipped to or dropped off at our office located at 1448 15th St. #202, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Our tax ID is #26-3245228.

How Can We Get Involved?

Putting together a Leaders+Readers drive at your Los Angeles school is easy!

EMAIL us at bookdrives@milkandbookies.org to get started.