Leaders+Readers Testimonials

Buddy Process 2

“If you have never helped a kid before you’re missing out. I helped kids, it was extremely fun. It all started when we learned about Milk and Bookies at an assembly by a lady named Courtney. We made posters to hang around the school and flyers to staple on bags and we got to take them to different classes. We sorted and counted the books.  Finally, we took the books to the 93rd Street Elementary School. It was amazing. I read to two people, one of them wanted me the next time, but I couldn’t because I’ll be in 5th grade. This is why I loved this field trip”
Jaden, 4th Grade

Buddy Process 1

“Have you ever had that feeling when you feel that you did something excellent and awesome? Well, I have! The fourth grade students had a goal to donate 1,500 books to 93rd Street Elementary School and got 3,500 books! We also got to be the leaders and we thought of all of the ideas!”
Michael, 4th Grade

Buddy Letter 3

“Courtney taught us all the sections of knowing and interfering with a school… They needed our help! Courtney said they didn’t have a lot of books.  I felt sorry for them, especially since I’m a big reader. I got excited to help.  We started to make cool, colorful, and fun posters to advertise and push kids to donate needed, clean, good in shape books… Now, here is where the magic happened.  We sorted books and then… a few weeks later, we went to the school. It was amazing.”
Jaqueline, 4th Grade

Buddy Letter 1

“’Always help others before you help yourself’, anonymous once told me.  I used this advice today when I helped “93rd Street School”.  First, we had a “kick-off” assembly with Courtney (coordinator).  Next we made posters that we hung around our school.  We also had a contest for which flyer will be sent home to the whole school! We gave the flyers to classrooms.  We had people donate their old books. Then we delivered the books and read to the kindergarteners.  It warmed my heart to see how much they enjoyed it”
Jesse, 4th Grade

Buddy Letter 2

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