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M+B Class Project
Milk + Bookies is dedicated to empowering teen and college students to earn community service hours, and learn the importance and impact of peer-based philanthropy.

This page helps interested students (“hosts”) organize Milk + Bookies events in their local school or hometown bookstore. This initiative, The M+B Class Project, requires the hosts to invite families with young children (“guests”) to spend the day celebrating books and embracing the gift of giving. Children ages 3 and up are asked to choose, purchase and inscribe a book to be donated to a local child of a similar age who has little or no access to books. The events are really fun for families, they’re filled with story inspired arts & crafts, and of course, milk & cookies.

*Milk + Bookies is a registered trademark and official 501 (c) 3, if you are planning to host one of our events, you must first be in touch with our office’s headquarters prior to using our name. Thank you for understanding.

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Job Title + Checklist

Now that you are interested in becoming a host, submit your submission sheet above.

We will provide you with all the materials you need (at no charge) in your Class Project Bookies Box; balloons, bookmarks, brochures, book plates, I DONATED stickers, flyers, tax receipts and a certificate of hours.

Here is what you will need to execute:

  1. Decide on a local recipient group.
    • Begin your search by finding organizations that deal with children in low income situations; a Head Start program, a neighborhood health clinic or a day care facility. We want to give these books to a place that will allow the child recipient to KEEP this book. A school or class library is second choice. (Statistics show that literacy challenges come to children who have no appropriate reading materials in their home). We recommend you start here: HEAD START, OPERATION SCHOOL BELL, BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF AMERICA .
    • Once you have found your recipient, ask them the age range of the children there.
    • Find out what kinds of titles and languages they recommend.
    • Set up a day for delivery of books.
    • If you still have trouble locating a recipient, we can help you. Just email us at
  2. Call your local bookstore to arrange your event.
    • Decide on a date. You should give yourself at least one month for planning.
    • Give them the list given to you (if any) by the recipients so that they may order books if needed.
    • If you have no available book store in your area, please contact Scholastic, Inc. to host one of their book fairs.
  3. Get stuff.
    • Use the donation letter above to help you get anything you think you will need to enhance your event such as crayons, t-shirts, entertainment and especially, YUMMIES!
    • Contact local bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants and don’t forget to get napkins and straws. Bookstores won’t like you to leave a wet and crumb-filled mess.
  4. Make flyers
    • Go to and get your email-able invitations.
    • Posters (flyers) will come in your “Bookies Box” of supplies. Add who, what, where and when of your event. Or use the downloadable one above.
    • Include sponsors’ names and the name of the recipient group.
    • Post flyers at local pre-schools and kindergartens, both public and private.
    • Ask parents if they subscribe to an email list for families that would appropriate for advertising. Look to target families who are in a position to buy lots of books and want to have a family experience with meaning.
    • Advertise in your local newspaper.
    • Join our Facebook Fan Page. Use Facebook and Twitter to invite more guests.
  5. On or before event day
    • Print out bookplates and Tax ID receipts if you need more than what you will get in your “Bookies Box”..
    • Take pictures/take video.
  6. After Event
    • Let us know how many books you were able to collect.
    • The name of the recipient group to whom you donated.
    • Send us your top 5 snapshots from the day.
    • Share with us your experience in a one paragraph email.
    • And we will send you your completed certificate!