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Your contribution not only gets books into the hands of thousands of children who need them, but also supports the Milk + Bookies website and its instructional efforts, allowing student hosts around the country to effectuate their own successful story time celebration.

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Bookies Box

Bookies Box

Date of Event

25 “i donated” stickers
50 book plates
25 “read” book marks
25 “give” book marks
25 “grow” book marks
10 balloons

Dallas Clayton Poster

Limited Edition Signed Dallas Clayton Poster


Future Philanthropist

Limited edition Marc Jacobs T-shirt “Future Philanthropist”

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Future Philanthropist

Limited edition Marc Jacobs Back Pack “Future Philanthropist”


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Brains Need Books

Limited edition Marc Jacobs baseball Cap “Brains Need Books”


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Giving Is Nice

Limited edition Marc Jacobs T-shirt “Giving Is Nice”

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Sweet Pete

Sweet Pete, written by Milk + Bookies founder, Meredith Alexander, shows children the joys of helping through a day in the life of Pete, the dog. Get your Kindle ebook today for just $2.99!



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Buttons come as a set of 12.

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The official Milk + Bookies Chocolate Chip Cookies from the amazingly delicious Isabella’s Cookie Company.

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M+B Future Philanthropist Tshirt

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