Book-Raiser Spotlight: Heath’s 6th Birthday!

This week’s Book-Raiser Spotlight goes to



For his sixth birthday, Heath hosted his second Milk + Bookies Book-Raiser, where he and all of his ninja friends helped raise 25 books for the Elizabeth House!


Since 1993, the Elizabeth House has provided shelter, hope, and support for homeless pregnant women and their children in Pasadena by supporting their physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic needs. Through classes on parenting, health, financial management, emotional health, and job skills training, the team at the Elizabeth House works tirelessly to build a better future for these women and their children!



DONATED TO: Elizabeth House

Elizabeth House

Great work Heath! We know the children at the Elizabeth House will love the books you gave them! 

We love hearing about the success of #FUTUREPHILANTHROPISTS like Heath and can’t wait to see where their love of reading and giving takes them!


To find out how you can Host Your Own Book-Raiser and start making a difference to children in your community, click here.

And don’t forget to purchase your Bookies Box full of all the materials you will need to make your Book-Raiser a success!


by Kristen Wood

Harry Potter and the Importance of Literacy

With the recent birthdays of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling, as well as the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, this summer has been HUGE for the Harry Potter franchise and is bringing a new generation of children back to the magic of Hogwarts!

In celebration of the new book (and our general obsession with all things HP), here’s a look at how Harry Potter has impacted literacy worldwide since its publication…

First published in 1997, the Harry Potter series has sold an estimated 450 million books across 200 different countries.

Children have been exposed to the magical world of Hogwarts in sixty-nine different languages.

Coca Cola donated $18 million to the US Reading is Fundamental program at Rowling’s request after they won the rights to tie their product in with the first film.

Harry Potter has inspired budding writers to create more than 500 thousand pieces of fan fiction related to the series.

Universities now use the Harry Potter novels to educate future teachers by comparing and contrasting teaching styles with that of Hogwarts professors.

The final novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, sold 8.3 million copies on the first day of its release.

Studies have shown that children – and adults! – that have read Harry Potter are more tolerant of stigmatized social groups, such as refugees and members of the LGBTQ community.

Foreign language versions of the novels have been used to aid in learning a second language.

Young readers are exposed not just to Hogwarts, but the many genres featured through out the novels – from fantasy to mystery to romance and horror.

Fans of Harry Potter are more politically active than those who have not read the series.

The interest spawned by Harry Potter made reading “cool” again and drew back a generation of readers from other forms of media.

59% of children say that the Harry Potter series has made them better readers.

51% of readers say they will go on to read another book series after finishing Harry Potter.


Can you remember the first time you read Harry Potter? For children with limited access to books, that moment may never come.

Join us in spreading the love of reading and the lastings joys of Harry Potter and Hogwarts by hosting your own Book-Raiser or donating to get much needed books to children in need!

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home!



by Kristen Wood

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Connor’s 1st Birthday!

This week’s Book-Raiser Spotlight goes to

Connor & Jessica!

To celebrate her son Connor’s first birthday, Jessica hosted a small but mighty Dr. Seuss themed Milk + Bookies Book-Raiser benefitting the Helpmate Domestic Violence Shelter in North Carolina.

Helpmate provides safety, shelter, and support to victims of domestic abuse and their children through free emergency housing, courtroom advocacy, counseling, and helping build a safer future for victims and their children. Connor and Jessica raised five books for children in these difficult situations to enjoy!



DONATED TO: Helpmate Domestic Violence Shelter



Great work Jessica and Connor! We love hearing about the success of #FUTUREPHILANTHROPISTS like Connor and can’t wait to see where their love of reading and giving takes them!

To find out how you can Host Your Own Book-Raiser and start making a difference to children in your community, click here.

And don’t forget to purchase your Bookies Box full of all the materials you will need to make your Book-Raiser a success!


by Kristen Wood

Say “Cheese” For Flipbooth!

Let’s admit it. We all LOVE photo booths, right!? Recall those fun memories of hanging out with your besties at the mall taking pictures, trying to convince your parents to come pick you up an hour later than usual on a Friday night, to no avail. Now, thanks to Flipbooth, you can relive that same sense of fun while making new memories! Flipbooth makes a jazzy addition to any wedding, party, or event that you and your guests won’t get enough of!


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.11.46 AM

Lovely little flip books via @flipbooth on Instagram

Flipbooth offers multiple formatting options, including classic photo booth strips, animated GIFs, and of course, flip books! You can directly share your creations on your favorite social media sites using the social media station and your digital negatives will also be accessible on Flipbooth’s website for you to download at your convenience. All of the booths use the highest quality DSLR cameras and professional studio lights so your photos will always be en pointe!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.02.42 AM

Open-air booths let you be yourself! via @flipbooth on Instagram

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.05.23 AM

Quirky photo props via @flipbooth on Instagram

Using the booth is as easy as one, two, three! Simply step in front of the camera, pose for a six second video, wait for your flipbook to print, and voilà! Flipbooth’s photo booths are open-air, which means you don’t have to climb into a tiny box with a bunch of your friends. Let’s just say it allows maximum “voguing” potential! Better yet, a variety of stylish props are included for your event!

They can be set up anywhere with your choice of a complementary white, black, silver, or gold backdrop. You can also provide your own backdrop or Flipbooth can create a custom design just for your event!


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.00.58 AM

Nothing says “party” like a sparkly backdrop! via @flipbooth on Instagram

Flipbooth is a proud partner of Milk + Bookies and we are beyond excited to showcase their photo booths at our 7th Annual Story Time Celebration on April 17th in DTLA!


For more information on our 7th Annual Story Time Celebration and to purchase your tickets, click here! We hope to see you there!



by Shannon Dailey

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Foothills Elementary School

This week’s book-raiser spotlight goes to…Foothills Elementary School!

A Milk+Bookies Book-Raiser can be anything from a class project to a birthday party. Our program is designed to help create a service learning experience for kids (and adults!) while redistributing collected books to your LOCAL community! The Bookies Box has all of the essentials to help you get started, including balloons, bookmarks, stickers, bookplates, and a guide to hosting your book-raiser. Get your Bookies Box, here!

The students and families of Foothills Elementary School hosted a school-wide book-raiser to benefit a local elementary school. Their students, teachers, and families all joined in to help make the book-raiser a HUGE success!


Total Books Raised:


Number of Students Participated:


Donated to:

West Elementary School


Thank you for inspiring so many #FUTUREPHILANTHROPISTS and making a difference! We can’t wait to see where their love for reading and giving takes them!

To find out how to host your own book-raiser and make a difference in your community, click here!

Don’t forget to order your Bookies Box that contains everything you need to make your book-raiser a success!


by Marianna Yamamoto

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Guiliana’s 5th Birthday!

This week’s Book-Raiser Spotlight goes to Guiliana Pezzoli who held her 5th birthday party at The Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA!



DONATED TO: St. Nicholas Catholic School’s Early Education Program


“I liked doing my Milk and Bookies party because all of my friends were there and donated so many wonderful books!”
– Guiliana Pezzoli

Guiliana and her friends gathered together to celebrate her 5th birthday in a special way, by donating books! Thanks to Guiliana and her friends, St. Nicholas Catholic School‘s Early Education Program now has wonderful books for the children they service!

We are so thrilled to hear about the success of these #futurephilanthropists and can’t wait to see where their love of reading and giving takes them!

To find out how you can Host Your Own Book-Raiser and start making a difference to children in your community, click here.

And don’t forget to purchase your Bookies Box full of all the materials you will need to make your Book-Raiser a success!!




by Wendy Paniagua

Book-Raiser Spotlight: Carston and Quenton

Amazing Book-Raiser stories keep pouring in and we love sharing them with you! Today we are excited to shine our Book-Raiser Spotlight on Carston and Quenton! For their 3rd and 1st birthdays, their mom Hilary decided to throw them a party with a purpose and Milk+Bookies was thrilled to be a part of their special day. Check out these future philanthropists in action (how adorable are they!?):



How many books did you raise? 122

How old is the birthday boy/girl? Carston (3) and Quenton (1)

How many kids were involved in your event? 32

Where did you donate your books? Horizons for Homeless Children

How did you hear about Milk + Bookies? Web search

Quote from the event: “I wondered about how to talk to Carston about why we were collecting books. Milk + Bookies’ kit helped by having a sheet I could fill in with my sons’ names and how it made them feel to donate books to others. I explained that some kids didn’t have any books at home, or many toys, but that we were going to give them some. I then asked Carston how it made him feel to give the books to other kids and he promptly replied, “Happy!” (My mom heart grew three sizes).”


“I hope this becomes a birthday tradition for our family—collecting and donating books on their birthdays—wherever we live each year.”


2015-01Jan-QC-birthday-185 (1)


Thanks for making a difference with Milk+Bookies!!

Find out how you can Host Your Own Book-Raiser here and purchase your Bookies Box!

For some inspiration for your next Book-Raiser, visit our Pinterest page!



by Alesha Dailey